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Hire a Car in Edinburgh With Us

The Scottish capital is a busy city with lots to see and do. World renowned for it’s marvelous scenery and old fashioned streets, Edinburgh has something to offer everyone. From history filled castles and streets to internationally known comedy festivals – you will not go wrong with a trip to this beautiful and enchanted city.  Once you have experience the best the city has to offer you will not be surprised to find out it is in fact the second most popular city in the UK for tourism.

Being a busy capital city means the city is a great location to hire a car from. With direct links to Glasgow as well as the highlands, it makes for very easy access. Not to mention the Airport also has international flights as well as domestic flights from other UK cities.

Where is Edinburgh?

Located to the East of Scotland and the capital city, Edinburgh is around 50 mins from Glasgow. You might also be surprised to read that the city is only a little over an hour from the border that separates the country from the north of England. You could fly straight into the city itself, or travel from anywhere in the UK by train or coach. Once in here, car hire is one of the best options for seeing the magnificent sights and attractions on offer.

What’s in Edinburgh?

It may be easier to discuss what cannot be found in Edinburgh – this is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe, and is widely celebrated as a huge cultural hub. You may be familiar with the twin annual celebrations of the Film Festival, Book Festival or even the famous Fringe Festival, but no matter when you visit the city you’ll find plenty to see and do. If you are travelling in the month of August, make sure you see the ‘Tattoo’ and the display of military bands.

Within the city itself, you’ll find no shortage of whiskey distilleries to tour, as well as a number of theme bars and clubs that will delight anybody – there’s even a Game of Thrones themed bar that has recently popped up! If you prefer your culture without the pop prefix then be sure to check out the many museums and art galleries that the city has to offer, or some of the theatres that will provide highbrow entertainment for any visitor. If you have the time to investigate you’ll also find all kinds of hidden gems, such as a street that replicates the Old West in America tucked away behind Springvalley Gardens.

If you drift further afield, you can visit Edinburgh Castle for a lesson in history (and a meal in the Witchery, which is a gloriously gothic experience), or if you have a taste for the macabre, be sure to check out Gilmerton Cove and the allegedly haunted Greyfriar’s Kirkyard and Old Calton cemeteries – regardless of whether you believe in the paranormal, your jaw will drop at the architecture on offer here.

Are you lucky enough to be in Edinburgh for New Years? Or, Hogmanay as us Scots call it. Then you REALLY don’t want to miss the world famous Hogmanay street party. We strongly suggest Hogmanay visitors think about car hire in Edinburgh as public transport can be busy before the street party. There is also the issue of next to no public transport being available on New Years day meaning car is the only method of transport for many of the cities visitors.

Do I Need to Hire a Car to See the Sights?

That largely depends on what you plan on seeing and doing while you’re in the city and surrounding areas. There is more than enough to see and do in the city while relying on public transport, especially as you may appreciate the opportunity to take a wee dram throughout your visit. Buses around town are plentiful, and a major railway station, Edinburgh Waverley, serves the city. That being said hiring a car in Edinburgh can give tourists the best method of getting back and forward from the sights.

There’s more to the city than just the city centre, however. If you fancy a break from the towns by taking a trip to the beach you’ll have plenty to choose from as Edinburgh is located close to the coast, and while these sandy locales are reachable by bus and train, you may appreciate the freedom of working to your own schedule by hiring a car – especially given the tendency for Scottish weather to be a little unpredictable! Exploring The Lothians, located extremely close by, will also give you the opportunity to drink in some of Scotland’s rich history and take some scenic walks through lush green spaces. All of this will be much easier to achieve if you use our well-priced car rental.

Where’s the Closest Airport?

The Scottish capital is served by it’s own international airport, located around twenty minutes from the city centre and offering routes to a variety of major international destinations. Check out our guide to hiring a car from Edinburgh airport if your travelling through.