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Where is Dundee?

Dundee is a coastal city to the east of the Scottish Lowlands, connected directly by the North Sea, built around an extinct volcano. Please allow us to stress the word extinct here so you don’t panic – the volcano, known as The Law, is entirely dormant so there is no need to fret! Dundee has some of the most beautiful scenery so going for a car hire option is wise.

Where’s the Closest Airport?

Dundee Airport is located virtually on the doorstep of the city centre, so you won’t need to worry about how you’ll reach the city centre once you have arrived; there’s no bus service, but at a distance of just two miles a taxi ride will also suffice. Remember however, that to enjoy Scotland for all that it has to offer, car rental is a far better option.

That’s the good news – the bad is that Dundee Airport only services one destination, namely London Stansted. If you wish to fly to or from anywhere else, the closest airports to the Dundee city centre are Aberdeen, Glasgow or Edinburgh. The latter is the closest as the crow flies, inviting you to shave some twenty miles from your journey by travelling over the toll-free Forth Bridge.

You are looking at a lengthy train journey from these destinations though, and a potentially costly one. Your wisest course of action would certainly be car hire, meaning that you could arrive to a different airport and drive towards your accommodation in Dundee. You can always return the wheels to an alternative location throughout Scotland, and you’ll enjoy the use of a car throughout your time in Dundee.

What’s in Dundee?

Aside from The Law, you mean? As we have established already, this hill is the major attraction of Dundee. Just remember that it’s simply called The Law, not the Law Hill – doing so will mark you out as a tourist in no time at all.

As a nautical city, there are plenty of maritime amusements to be enjoyed in Dundee. Chief among these is Discovery Point will allow visitors to check out the RRS Discovery, which Captain James Scott sailed around the Antarctic, or you could investigate the local beaches and seaside. While you’re in the mood to learn, also check out the Verdant Works, a museum that celebrates Dundee’s heritage as a textile city, and Broughty Castle.

The real beauty of Dundee involves heading out of the city centre and heading a little further west, though. Doing so opens up opportunities to visit the Cairngorms National Park, and famous Scottish lochs and other beautiful countryside on offer.

Dundee will also be the home of the V&A Museum of Design come 2018. The museum will boast design and creativity from all over Scotland as well as the beast creative projects from all over the world. Estimates show that the V&A Museum of Design will attract over 350,000 visitors per year meaning Dundee will become a hot spot for both tourists and business travellers.

Do I Need to Hire a Car to See Dundee?

It’s very strongly advised that you take a car rental upon your arrival in Dundee (or Aberdeen, as we have previously established!), as most of the public transport links do not run straight through the city itself. You may have to connect through the aforementioned Aberdeen for any long distance train or bus journeys, which will add a great deal of time and strain to your journeys.

While you will be able to happily pass a day or two in the city centre of Dundee, There is a great deal of natural beauty that can be experienced if you base yourself here and explore further afield. Why would you deprive yourself of opportunities to see Scotland at its finest by relying on being transported around by others according to their timetable? Car Hire is your best solution to see the heart of the Dundee area and its environs.