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Where is Prestwick Airport?

Officially known as Glasgow Prestwick Airport, this airport is actually located a little over thirty miles southwest of Glasgow, which is the closest city. Prestwick itself is a costal town that borders in the larger township of Ayr.

What Destinations Does Prestwick Airport Serve?

It may not be quite as busy as Glasgow International Airport, but Prestwick is actually the largest airport in Scotland in terms of land mass covered. Despite this, low-cost specialists Ryanair are the only commercial airline that make use of the site, escorting passengers to a variety of destinations in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy and Poland. Prestwick Airport also operates transatlantic cargo flights for business customers. Visitors from these destinations can be rest assured that car hire and rental options are available.

What is There to Do Within the Airport?

There is very little shopping available at Prestwick Airport, though you will of course find a number of branches of W H Smith to cater for any newspaper and magazine needs you may have, as well as the sale of sweets, drinks and tobacco products. If you’re looking to eat or drink before you climb aboard your flight, there are a Starbucks concession, the Food Village, and the Elvis Presley and McIntyre’s bars will also cater for your needs.

Is Prestwick Airport Located Close to the City Centre?

As we have previously established, the closest city to Prestwick Airport is Glasgow – at least a 30-minute drive from the airport, possibly rising to an hour in traffic. The town of Ayr is much closer, but obviously this is a considerably smaller and sleepier part of the country than the thriving hub of Glasgow. Undoubtedly, car hire from Prestwick Airport is your best option to move into the city or other towns closer to Glasgow.

What are the Transport Links and Parking Options?

Only one bus route runs from Prestwick Airport in Glasgow, the X99, which only operates in four time slots between midnight and 04.15 and must be booked in advance. The airport does host a taxi rank though, in addition to long- and short-stay parking. Overall if your a driver you would be best served with a hire car for your time in Scotland.

However, you will be able to travel to and from Prestwick Airport by train – the airport is served by its own railway station, with three trains running an hour (two on Sundays) that transport passengers into Glasgow. This can take at least fifty minutes, however, and with no buses running from the airport in the event of a train mechanical failure or time restraint, it could be highly advisable to use our car rental service to take the stress out of your travel plans – especially if your final destination is anywhere other than the city centre of Glasgow.

What are the Closest Attractions to Prestwick Airport?

Aside from everything that the bright lights of Glasgow has to offer, there are a handful of attractions closer to Prestwick – although again, it’s highly advisable to have access to a hire car to take full advantage of these sights. The nearby town of Ayr is home to a beach that offers memorable views, and Prestwick itself has a handful of pubs and bars. Golf is also a hugely popular pastime in Prestwick – in fact, it was the first location of the famous Open tournament. If you pack your putters and drivers you are certain to have a fantastic time throughout your visit.