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Where is Inverness?

Located to the North of Scotland and following a coastal path, Inverness is considered to be the capital city of the Scottish Highlands. It’s growing increasingly popular as a destination to both visit and live, thanks in no small part to its status as, “the happiest place in Scotland” according to a number of surveys. Surely this sounds like a destination that you’d like to add to your travel itinerary? Unsurprisingly most tourists and visitors to the Inverness area will hire a car in order to take in as much of the beautiful scenery as possible.

What’s in Inverness?

Perhaps the most famous site in all of Scotland is located just eight miles away from Inverness – the fabled Loch Ness. Pack your binoculars and camera into the rental car, and see if you can be the one that finally captures evidence of Nessie’s existence. This is just one of the beautiful, natural locations that you’ll find near Inverness and the surrounding Highlands, all of which are packed with views that will take your breath away.

Once you have done so, there are plenty of other attractions to hold your attention. Inverness is a famously old city, and you’ll find plenty of castles and ruins to explore – locations such as Urquhart Castle are a historians dream, while the nearby Culloden Moor hosted the last battle ever fought on British soil.

If you’re interested in all things nautical the Ship Space is also a must-visit, a museum particularly devoted to the legacy of the Titanic but also covering all forms of water-based transport. This is just one of the many museums in the city, which also include the Highlands Museum and Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. If you happen to be near Inverness when there is a Football match on then you should try to take in a football match, Scottish football may get a tough time in the press but there is nothing better than a good ol’ Football match.

Do I Need a Car to See the Sights?

The short answer here is, yes. Inverness does have good transport links but the city is also hours away from bigger cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. Hiring a car for a family trip to the Scottish highlands is an absolute requirement, unless you want to spend your time on public transport!

If you’re in the Highlands you’ll no doubt want to spend a great deal of time walking and breathing in the fresh air, but using Inverness as a base will allow you to travel to all kinds of locations in the area.

Would you not feel less restricted if you knew that you could slide behind the wheel of a hire car and experience anything that this magnificent city and those that surround it have to offer without relying on public transport?

Buses and tourist coaches are available, but nothing can compare to the freedom of visiting a breath-taking location safe in the knowledge that the only timetable that dictates when you must leave is your own.

Where’s the Closest Airport?

Inverness is served by it’s own airport, imaginatively titled Inverness Airport, although it’s actually located in nearby Dalcross.

It’s around a fifteen minute drive from the airport into the very heart of Inverness, but be aware that the airport doesn’t serve many destinations – a small number of infrequent flights take off and depart from the site, most of which terminate in other UK destinations.

If you’d like access to a more substantial airport, you’re looking at spending an excess of three hours driving south to Glasgow or Edinburgh. Why not consider hiring a car from Car Hire Scotland in Inverness and returning it to one of these destinations, greatly enhancing your options?